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Surf Muse Jo Brebner Surf Muse Jo Brebner

Jo’s -  Life is good :)

Work hard, stay humble.

 You couldn’t get a bigger legend if you tried. Jo and her older sister Jessie grew up on the coast of NZ. Both of the girls realizing very early on in life that the ocean was apart of them and that they wanted to shape their lives around the sea.

Jo has a unique and beautiful style not just with taking photos but also in life in general. Jo has recently started filling our Instagram feeds with more and more images that make you stop dead in your scrolling tracks. So we took a few minutes to find out more about this blonde, barrel, seeking photographer and shredder. 

Surf Muse Jo Brebner

So who are you? Where are you from and where are you now?

 Hello, wonderful people, my name is Johanna Brebner, also known as Brebsy! I’m 23yrs old. Born and raised in the small coastal town of Ohope Beach in the North Island of New Zealand. I now reside on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, which has been home for the past 5 1/2yrs.


 What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

The ocean, waves, friends and that beautiful morning light - can’t miss it!


Who inspires you in life?

For me, this changes with time and life’s experiences but anyone who is following their passions and having fun along the way. There are a few photographers I find a lot of inspiration from Woody Gooch, Fran Miller, Rambo Estrada, Jereme Aubertine to name a few, the list goes on!

And of course my wonderful Nana, full of wisdom, resilience, and love. She inspires me daily to be the best person I can.

Surf Muse Jo Brebner

What triggered your interest in taking photos in the ocean?

I’ve surfed since I was 5 and always loved the ocean. I studied photography at high school and always had so much fun with it, it just made sense to combine my two favorite things. It was a natural progression that was bound to happen at some point for me!


Do you have a fave photo that you have taken?

I do! I can’t shed too much light on it at the moment, but I’ve been experimenting with really different elements combining water and women while the surf has been flat. (Got to love sunshine coast winter flat spell!)

Other than that, I've got so many photos of the gals surfing that I absolutely love, its so much fun capturing the joy and stoke of surfing with friends!

Surf Muse Jo Brebner

What do you have planned for the next year? 

I’m in the process of goal setting and planning out what lies ahead, life changes so much sometimes it’s hard to know!

I’m heading home to NZ in Feb, and then aiming to work overseas combining photography and surfing, something that will allow me to travel and meet wonderful new humans and see new places!


You have been a fan of our O'Neill surf suits for awhile why is it that you love surfing in them?

They are the most practical surf-wear I’ve used. They keep the sun off in summer and I don’t have to worry about anything coming undone or falling off when the waves are bigger. They are comfy to surf in and the prints/ colours are always beautiful and feminine, hands down my favourite!!

Surf Muse Jo Brebner

Surf Muse Jo Brebner

Fave stuff

Ice cream flavor? 

This is going to sound super lame but I hardly ever eat ice-cream, I’m a chocolate gal! Lindt sea salt caramel.. it will change your life haha. 



Hardly watch them, haven’t owned a TV or wifi for 5yrs haha. 



I've been really enjoying Dope Lemon recently, there's so much good music out there though its hard to cut it down to one!



Winter on the coast - still warm enough to be in a bikini and the days are always so beautiful and not to mention its whale season!



Im going to be faithful to my home country and say NZ - uncrowded, picturesque and like they say, there's no place like home.


Place to surf?

 There's a little beach (which I won’t name haha) I used to live at that has the funnest waves ever, super peaky and punchy, we’ve had some memorable surfs and times spent there.



“For whatever we loose, it is ourselves we find in the sea” - E.e Cummings

Surf Muse Jo Brebner

Surf Muse Jo Brebner

Surf Muse Jo Brebner

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