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01 March 2018



Miranda Aston


What a sweetheart she is! We first met Miranda when we went to Byron Bay for a photo shoot for Europe she was effortless to be around.

Can you tell us who you are and where you are from originally?

My name is Miranda-lee Aston and I am a 22-year-old girl now living in Sydney, originally from Brisbane, Queensland. I moved to Sydney a year ago to pursue modeling down here and to finish my third year of Fashion Design, graduating in Sydney, and it was the best thing I could have ever done! I have met the most wonderful people (including you lovelies at O’Neill x!) and have been so blessed with the opportunities Sydney has given me so far.

How did you start out in the modeling industry?

I have been in the industry for 4 years now, and I started when a friend of mine took me into her agency when she was just popping in to say hello in Brisbane, and the rest is history!

Miranda Aston

What do you believe the best part of model life is?

Hands down the best partabout model lifeis getting to spend days on end with the most inspiring & creative people I have ever met! Oh and the chance to travel for work! My first time working with the O’Neill team we flew to beautiful Byron Bay for a 2 day shoot & spent our “work day” in absolute paradise, this life definitely has its perks.

You also have your own label, can you tell us a little about that?

I do! My baby! So another reason I moved to Sydney was to grow and expand my label, ASTON which started off as a small handmade lingerie label in 2014. Since graduating I have been given the opportunity to really expand my label, with the first womenswear collection to drop in August this year! I had some amazing close friends work very hard on the Campaign with me, along with some cool video that I’m itching to release. I’m so excited to share it with the world, I would love it if you followed my journey @aston_thelabel

Miranda Aston

What is the best style advice that you’ve ever been given and who inspires you?

The best advice that I have ever been given is more of a saying… “you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, some people don’t even like tea!” This industry can be hard, especially when you’re young, so for me hearing this kind of made me realise that if you don’t book a job it doesn’t mean that you aren’t your beautiful, intelligent & wonderful self, it just means that for this particular job you didn’t fit the “brief”… once I started to look at the industry in this way I found myself enjoying life a little more & quitting the comparisons. Someone who really inspires me is my mum, she’s basically superwoman and I wouldn’t be where I am without her. Thanks mum, you rock.

Miranda Aston

Do you follow a specific diet or exercise plan to ensure you are always shooting ready?

I love to eat healthy & whole foods and I think it’s really important to nourish your body always! I still treat myself (often!) because it’s good for the soul. My exercise routine is never consistent because of work, I love running and I try to go for really long runs once a week, and the rest of the week I practice Hot Yoga whenever I can. I used to be a national swimmer which involved a lot of circuit/gym training as well as hours of being in the pool so I’m quite lucky that my body has maintained it’s fitness from that phase of my life.

It is coming into Autumn here in Australia and it will begin to become crisp and cooler, what is your favorite thing about the cooler months?

100% the fashion! As much as I love summer and I’m a beach girl at heart, I love that as it starts to get cooler you can layer & wear boots again!

Miranda Aston

What was it like working with O’Neill Women’s on their Autumn/ Winter 2018 campaign?

Absolutely beautiful! I’ve never explored the central coast so I was blown away by how beautiful it was & how much it reminded me of home… It always feels like you’re just hanging out and getting creative with a bunch of mates and that’s what I love about working with O’Neill. The team is always amazing, full of laughs & full of energy, there’s no team quite like them. Love you guys!

What do you do in your time off, do you have any crazy hobbies?

Not really to be honest, in my time off I’m normally straight into ‘holiday mode’ with my man & that always involves the beach & cooking something delicious! Work life can get pretty intense so on my days off it’s nice to see friends and family and really relax and enjoy life.

Miranda Aston

Now the fun part where you get to tell us all your favorite things

Ice Cream Flavour? Cookies and Cream!

Movie? I saw I Tonya recently and absolutely loved it

Band? Currently “The Babe Rainbow”

Season? Summer, always!

Country? Australia hands down

Quote? I have so many I can’t decide

Miranda Aston

Photos by @mingnomchong and @mylespritchard follow Miranda @mirandaaston

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