Wetsuit Care

The basics:

  1. Rinse your wetsuit with fresh cold water after every use
  2. Hang your wetsuit on the provided hanger in the shade to dry. Do not hang on a wire hanger or in the sun.

Additional tips:

  1. If you have trouble getting your foot in the wetsuit, try putting a plastic bag or sock over your foot to help slide your foot into the leg hole. 
  2. Avoid taking off your wetsuit while standing on gravel, grass or other rough surfaces. Instead, use the O’Neill Wetsuit Change Mat or lay down a towel to stand on.
  3. On back zip and Zen zip wetsuits, you should fold the Velcro located on the neck seal, back onto itself immediately after unzipping the zip. This will avoid the Velcro hooks from catching, scratching and damaging the surrounding neoprene.
  4. Hang to dry and store in a well-ventilated area to avoid mould. Do not store the wetsuit folded, if you can’t hang it you are better to roll than fold it.
  5. Rinse the wetsuit in fresh cold water, it’s important you do NOT wash the wetsuit in hot water, to dry it in direct sunlight or to leave it in the boot of your car for long periods of time because excessive heat damages the neoprene and glues and reduces the fabrics stretch, flex and durability.
  6. Wetsuits are designed to be worn in the saltwater only and not in chlorinated pools.
  7. Never use a washing machine, dryer, iron, bleach or professional dry cleaner.
  8. To reduce the smell of your wetsuit (from urination or dampness), fill up the O’Neill Change Mat or bucket with cold water and soak your wetsuit inside out with specialty wetsuit cleaner. 
  9. Oil the buttons and zippers every few months

How to ship or post your wetsuit:

Please save the original packaging your wetsuit arrived in until you are sure you are satisfied with your wetsuit. Our wetsuit packaging is designed specially to prevent any damage during shipping. Damages can be caused to wetsuits when incorrectly handled. O’Neill will not accept a wetsuit that is incorrectly handled for posting.

Please follow the following shipping instructions and see pictures below:

  1. Place wetsuit front side down on the ground.
  2. Fold arms down towards the waist and behind the body.
  3. Fold legs pointing up towards the neck and behind the body. Do not fold the wetsuit through the middle of the chest panel, back panel or smoothie panel to avoid creases.
  4. If you do not want to purchase a satchel you can reuse the packaging, we sent you; turn the postage bag inside out, insert correctly folded wetsuit and clearly address the package.

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