Wetsuit Repairs




Wetsuit waste is a real problem for our environment. Thanks to our O'Neill Australia's new In-house Repair Centre, we are saving tonnes of damaged wetsuits from ending up on landfill. This in turn helps to protect our environment, and saves our customers money by ensuring they get a longer life out of their O'Neill Wetsuit.

Our repair centre is equipped with specialist sewing machines, spare parts, materials and run by a seamstress who is skilled in wetsuit repairs. We can repair most damaged wetsuits that are not covered by warranty, at a minimal cost.


 Service Price
Glue, Taping, Stitching Leg Panel $30
Glue, Taping, Stitching Sleeve Panel $30
Stitch and Glue Neckline $25
Glue Smoothie $20
Glue, Taping, Stitching Knee Panels $30
Glue, Taping, Stitching Front And Back Upper Panels $35
Stitch & Glue Zipper (Blind Stitch) $35
Stitch Zipper $30
Stitch Ripped Press Stud Band $20
Replace  Press Stud Band
Full Re-taping Of Suit $200


Services we currently do NOT offer include:

  • We can not re-seal cracked fluid seams (welded seams)
  • We can't replace back zips on Defender and Psycho wetsuits
  • We can't repair delaminated back, chest, hip or sleeve panels
  • We can't repair stretched wetsuits
  • We can't repair wear and tear
  • We can't repair damage caused by a DIY repair
  • We are limited in what panels we can replace, and can not replace any panels on flatlock wetsuits.


Return Freight will be arranged by our Repair Center at a flat rate of $15.

All repairs come with a  3 month workmanship warranty, and >97% of repairs are successful first time round and never come back under warranty. Our team will turn around all repairs within 48 hours from receiving (72 hours for glued repairs) ensuring you are back in the water in no time. Currently, we only repair O'Neill Wetsuits and not other brands.

To organise a repair, email our customer service team using the link below with your contact details and what needs repairing and they will reply with an address where you can send the wetsuit to.