region - NSW North
season - Autumn/Spring
gender - Womens

Across the NSW North Coast, Autumn from March to June will still have quite warm water temps but air temps will be getting a little chilly. Reverse for Spring, with late September to November having cold water with air temps getting warmer. These conditions best lend themselves to anything from a 3/2mm Steamer to a Springsuit depending upon your preference. 


Our top picks? 


Our Bahia 2mm Long Sleeve Springsuits are easily the most common choice around the NSW North Coast for Autumn/Spring. Good warmth through the body and arms, plenty of protection from the sun, all in a suit that's easy to get in and out of.


Or flip it around with long legs and short ams in the Bahia 2mm Shot Sleeve Full Steamer if you prefer the extra warmth in the legs rather than the arms.

If you feel the cold, or are surfing closer to Sydney or winter, the Bahia 3/2mm Steamer is a killer suit, with an internal liner for extra warmth and good stretch in the neoprene, its our top steamer recommendation, and most popular steamer for women.


The Hyperfreak 3/2+ Steamer has glued and taped seams and no firewall liner so it’s not as warm as the Bahia 3/2mm, but it’s the stretchiest most comfortable suit we’ve ever made, if you don’t need as much warmth but want to feel like you’re surfing nude.

If its getting more towards summer conditions, or you don't feel the cold as much look at our Summer recommendations featuring other wetsuit jackets and rashies.
 Or if you need to know something specific, drop us a line for a chat.


Surf longer!


Cruise 2mm Long Jane Wetsuit - Black SOLD
Cruise 2mm Long Jane Wetsuit - Black O'Neill 95204-A10-4 Sold Out 4 reviews


Fuze (Chest Zip) Front Upper Zip Entry (chest) uses a free floating zipper panel and anti flush barrier with drain holes to keep you dry and feeling loose.
Chest Zip / FUZE Zip
Chest Zip / FUZE Zip
Front Upper Zip Entry (chest zip) uses a free floating zipper panel and anti flush barrier with drain holes to keep you dry and feeling loose.
Back Zip
Back Zip
Backzip entry system with durable zipper provides easy entry and exit with a water resistant seal.
Zen Zip
Zen Zip
Z.E.N. ZIP (back zip) entry system with free floating zipper panel and anti-flush barrier-2 with drain hole, keeps you warm and unrestricted. U.S. Patent #5,898,934
Lightweight Closure System Over a 360° Barrier with drain holes and Cinch Cord. Water tight seal with ease of entry and exit.
Modular Closure
Modular Closure
Modular Closure system comes with detachable hood so you can interchange the crew neck for a hood when conditions require.
Front Zip
Front Zip
Front Zip entry system provides the easiest entry with an old school feel. Also keeps zippers away from long hair.
"This time of year im usually weraring a short arm steamer or a long arm spring... either way its always a Hyperfreak"

Soli Bailey, O'Neill global athlete