region - NSW South
season - Summer
gender - Girls

Ahh, Summer on the NSW South Coast... Depending on the month and potential north current upwelling, you might be just swimwear and some sun protection, a spring suit variation, or even back into the bloody steamer on Christmas day! 




If you want something that'll ensure you can surf all day without feeling the cold chill from a firm nor-easter, the Girls Bahia 2mm Long Sleeve Cheeky Springsuit is a favourite. Another popular choice is the Girls Reactor II Short Arm Springsuit, which doesn't have quite the warmth and stretch of the Bahia, but is a perfect combo of durability and value.


If the cold currents come through, step up to the Bahia 3/2mm Steamer which has glued and blindstitched seams, MeshSkin chest/back panels and SuperGrill liner, with our seasonal Surf Series print. For the less frequent surfer, the Reactor II 3/2mm Steamer is a good value for money option featuring wind-resistant Smoothskin 3mm neoprene on the chest and back, and Ultraflex DS neoprene on the arms and legs, but lacks the stretch and warmth of higher-end wetsuits.




Skin protection is nothing to take lightly, and the summer sun can pack a wallop, luckily we’ve got plenty of options to stay safe.


Lycra Surfsuits are a definite favourite among most girls nowadays, Surfsuits look and feel close to swimsuit, but offer more sun protection and a little extra warmth. The Long Arm Surfsuits feature our surf series prints and are excellent quality lycra.


Our Skins range, in particular the Skins Long Arm Crew, is a solid option for overall sun protection and rash protection when matched with your swimsuit underneath. The Girls Themo Short Arm Crew has a fleecy liner to add some warmth to a rashie.


If you need to know something specific, drop us a line for a chat, or check out our Autumn/Spring section for more neoprene coverage.


Surf longer!


Girls Bahia Long Arm Spring Suit 2mm Wetsuit - Black Floral Girls Bahia Long Arm Spring Suit 2mm Wetsuit - Black Floral SOLD
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Girls Thermo Short Arm Crew - Black Girls Thermo Short Arm Crew - Black O'Neill 910254-002-4
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Girls Basic Skins Long Arm Crew - Peach Pink Girls Basic Skins Long Arm Crew - Peach Pink 30% OFF 30%
Girls Basic Skins Long Arm Crew - Peach Pink O'Neill 3346GOA-DC1-16
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Back Zip
Back Zip
Maximum stretch hydrophobic yarns that keep you flexible and dry by shedding water for the lifetime of the suit. built to last
"Probably the season with the most variables in play due to the differing water currents and swirling winds in play. The previous few summers have demanded anything from a thin cut wetsuit top to a 3'2 steamer. As long as you have those wetsuits in your quiver you can't go wrong"

Brett Burcher, O'Neill team rider