region - WA North
season - Summer
gender - Womens

WA North is all about sun protection and keeping off the wind chill no matter what the season. That means Surfsuits, Rashies, Jackets and Springsuits.


A definite favourite among most girls nowadays, Surfsuits look and feel close to swimsuit, but offer more sun protection, and a little extra warmth.The Bahia Lyca Long Sleeve Surfsuit is our top choice for Surfsuits, which features our surf series print story.


Skin protection is nothing to take lightly, and the summer sun can pack a wallop, luckily we’ve got plenty of options to stay safe.Our Skins range, in particular the Skins Long Arm Crew, is a solid option for overall sun protection and rash protection.If you prefer a front zip, the Bahia Long Sleeve Rash vestis stylish and easy to get on and off.

Jackets and Springsuits:

The Bahia 1.5mm Full Zip Wetsuit Jacket is a great option to keep you in the water all day, protected from the sun and the wind. If you want a springsuit, the Bahia 2mm Long Sleeve Springsuitsare our favourite and come in cheeky, mid or long cut. Something in between is the Cruise 2mm One Piece which gives you the freedom of a swimsuit, but with a little protection and warmth for the torso.

If you need to know something specific, drop us a line for a chat, or check out our WA-South recommendations if you are looking for more wetsuit options.


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Bahia Cap Sleeve Rash Vest - Cactus Floral O'Neill 5422603-CCF-6
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Back Zip
Back Zip
Maximum stretch hydrophobic yarns that keep you flexible and dry by shedding water for the lifetime of the suit. built to last
"The sun can be brutal up around these parts... make sure you have a long sleeve rashie or surfsuit. And if the surf gets heavy, you might want a short arm steamer for protection from the reef"