region - WA South
season - Winter
gender - Boys

The rugged West Oz in winter... you'll want to be in some good rubber!  Our top picks for an all-round suit you’ll love right through a West Oz winter are the Defender 3/2mm, the Psycho One 3/2mm or the Hyperfreak 4/3+.


TheDefender 3/2mm is a great all-rounder. With a thermal liner to keep you warm, the Defender keeps the water out, and the heat in. Whilst not quite as flexible as the Psycho One or Hyperfreak, its comfortable, durable and incredible value for money.


The Psycho One is top of the range for boys. Very warm and flexible with fully sealed seams, hydrophobic outer fabric and Firewall liner, so you stay drier longer inside the suit. Similar for warmth, the Hyperfreak 4/3+ has glued and taped seams and no firewall liner, but is the stretchiest most comfortable suit we’ve ever made, so the 4/3 feels as free as any 3/2 we’ve ever worn anyway. You can’t go wrong with either, they’re world-leading wetsuits.


If you feel the cold more than most or tend to surf a lot of earlies, you might look at the Psycho One 4/3mm, but most would consider this overkill for West Oz. On the other side of the scale, if you want even more flexibility and are good with a touch less warmth, go for the Hyperfreak 3/2+


TheReactor II 3/2mm Steamer  is the most affordable option, without as much stretch/comfort/warmth as the higher end suits, but a worthy suit for the less frequent surfer.


For crew who like to chuck on booties, we’d highly recommend the lightweight Ninja Booties.


It just depends on what’s most important to you - warmth / flexibility / price.


Check out the autumn/spring recommendations for further suggestions if you feel the cold less or you are leaning towards warmer conditions.


Kids Reactor II 3/2mm Steamer Wetsuit - Black/Ocean Kids Reactor II 3/2mm Steamer Wetsuit - Black/Ocean O'Neill 5044-EJ7-6
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Back Zip
Back Zip
Maximum stretch hydrophobic yarns that keep you flexible and dry by shedding water for the lifetime of the suit. built to last
"The hyperfreak 4/3 is my pick for the winter months providing both warmth and flexibility to get through cold winter surfs "

Ben Gradisen, O'Neill team rider