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'Jordy Smith' by Morgan Maassen

'Jordy Smith' by Morgan Maassen
24 July 2020
O'Neill is proud to support the short film, 'JORDY SMITH' by Morgan Maassen. For any surfer who has seen Jordy in full flight, they soon realize that they are witnessinggreatness. His surfing, when it is on, is virtually unmatched: power, flow, progression,and style all rolled into one large wrecking ball of serious commitment to the rail.Born and bred in South Africa, 'JORDY SMITH' captures his time spent back home,tuning into his beloved J-Bay and the relationship that all started as a little kid. Wefollow Jordy to North Shore of Oahu for the 2019 season finale and understand thedifference that one mistiming or one wave can make to someone's life goals. The closing

Indonesia sequence showcases everything we love Jordy for - The man turns. And he does not disappoint.The perennial world title contender shares personal insights on his performance mindset,the world title chase, and the future direction of surfing. Above all, the film is evidenceof Jordy's incredible ability and relentless drive.

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