Maps to Nowhere Episode 2

07 April 2023

What are the odds of lightning striking twice? Diehard surf traveler/journalist Matt Rode came to this place three years ago, hunting the rumor of a perfect pointbreak. When he finally arrived, the wave simply wasn’t breaking. But on that same trip, Matt stumbled across a remote beachbreak setup that, for its size, was one of the best he’d ever seen.

Matt usually has reservations about revisiting a spot he’s already scored, maybe at its best. This time, he broke his own rule and invited a crew of pro surfers along for the ride — Brett Barley, Eli Beukes, Cory Lopez and Torrey Meister. While it wasn’t easy to convince them all to travel halfway across the world to surf a beachbreak, once they did arrive, they discovered something that blew them away. Day after day after day.

Swell charts, bathymetry models, and buoy data proves helpful to Matt and his crew. But other clues — like the sound of cowbells — really even out the score.

*Note: This is a series about the lengths surfers will go to surf perfect, empty waves. The waves you are about to see are not new discoveries -- but they are (nearly) perfect, and they are empty. The locations are not disclosed because our belief is that the journey is at least half the fun -- and sometimes, over half of the travel time. We thank the many local community members that helped make our adventures a success.

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