Moments - Lachie Rombouts

01 September 2022

It’s what makes up the journey. Those moments along the way. All part of learning and moving forward. For Lachie Rombouts, it’s those moments out to sea, on his own, or with a few mates, in waves of consequence.

When the ocean really lights up ..when it gets big, raw and angry, this is where Lach finds solitude, quiet and then those intense moments as large swells collide with reef. Where he can test himself, and learn and grow from the experience. And just maybe...all those moments come together and present something powerful, but also incredibly beautiful.

A short film to sit in and really feel. A chance to detach from fast food social media algorithms.


Surfer Lachie Rombouts

Film / Edit James Kates.

Music Russell W.

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