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'Silver Linings' - Episode 9 - G-Land & El Salvador

04 August 2022

In episode 9, Jordy arrives in G-Land, surprisingly for the first time. Being one of the most remote tour locations, Jordy first acclimates to the jungle and the infamous reef break during the pre-event sessions that turned out to be the best swell of the trip.

Then, on to El Salvador. They say it’s the Central American J-Bay, a wave-rich zone where you can find a world-class set-up around every corner.

'Silver Linings' is a series starring Jordy Smith. The episodic journey covers the incredible highs and devastating lows Jordy experienced in his life over the past 18 months. From entering fatherhood to scoring the best waves he's seen at home, to facing a near career-ending injury forcing him to pull out of the Olympics, this series documents the rollercoaster ride Jordy has been on and the 'Silver Linings' that he encounters within his journey.

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