region - NSW South
season - Autumn/Spring
gender - Boys

Autumn from March to June will have pretty warm water temps but air temps will be getting chilly. Reverse for Spring, with late September to November having cold water with air temps getting warmer. 


Our top picks? 

For the warmer parts of Spring/Autumn, you should be comfortable in a springsuit, we recommend the Youth Reactor II 2mm Short Arm Springsuit

If you feel the cold more, or are further south on the coast, you will prefer a 3/2mm Steamer. Our top choice is the Hyperfreak 3/2+ Youth Steamer for its comfort and complete freedom of movement. The Defender 3/2mm is another great choice, and while not as ridiculously light and flexible as the Hyperfreak (nothing ever has been) it an awesome all-round performer. The Defender is a warmer series than the Hyperfreak, at a lower price.



The Psycho 1 3/2mm is our warmest boys suit, and whilst it might be a bit too warm in parts of Autumn/Spring, it is the best choice if you can only buy one wetsuit that needs to get you further through into winter.


For the less frequent surfer, the Reactor II 3/2mm Steamer is a good value for money option featuring wind-resistant Smoothskin 3mm neoprene on the chest and back, and Ultraflex DS neoprene on the arms and legs, but lacks the stretch and warmth of higher-end wetsuits.


It just depends on what’s most important to you - warmth / flexibility / price.



Check out the winter or summer recommendations for further suggestions if you are leaning towards colder or warmer conditions. Or, if you need to know something specific, drop us a line for a chat.


Surf longer!


Youth Reactor II 2mm Short Arm Spring Suit - Ocean/Black Youth Reactor II 2mm Short Arm Spring Suit - Ocean/Black Youth Reactor II 2mm Short Arm Spring Suit - Ocean/Black O'Neill 5045-AA9-4
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Kids Reactor II 3/2mm Steamer Wetsuit - Black/Ocean Kids Reactor II 3/2mm Steamer Wetsuit - Black/Ocean O'Neill 5044-EJ7-6
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3mm Psycho Coldwater Wetsuit Hood - Black SOLD
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3mm Psycho Coldwater Wetsuit Hood - Black O'Neill 4982-BLK-XS Sold Out
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Fuze (Chest Zip) Front Upper Zip Entry (chest) uses a free floating zipper panel and anti flush barrier with drain holes to keep you dry and feeling loose.
Back Zip
Back Zip
Maximum stretch hydrophobic yarns that keep you flexible and dry by shedding water for the lifetime of the suit. built to last
"Lightweight 3/2 steamer or a short arm steamer is the go to suit for these friendlier, longer seasonal days. Although a morning and evening chill is in the air, the water temp remains relatively warm and with the consistency of swell and light winds on offer, these suits will keep you comfortable and feeling light"

Brett Burcher, O'Neill team rider