region - NZ South Island
season - Autumn/Spring
gender - Mens

Autumn and Spring for New Zealand's South Island still has cold air temps and cold water, just not as brutally cold as Winter. There is an opportunity to transition out of your coldest neoprene setup into something a little lighter. Booties and a hood will still be needed for some of these seasons, but again lighter versions may be best to transition from Winter to Summer if you have the option.


If you have no intention of surfing through a South Island Winter but like to get into the water when things warm up a little, these recommendations may be all you need.

Our top picks for the steamer quiver are our Psychotech 4/3mm, Psycho One 4/3mm, Mutant 4/3mm or Hyperfreak 4/3.


The Psychotech 4/3mm is our warmest and most advanced cold water series, with fully sealed seams, wind-blocking chest and back panels, TechnoButter Air Firewall liner and TB3 neoprene, to let you surf without restrictions for longer sessions. 

The Psycho One has fully sealed seams, TB Firewall and hydrophobic TB3 neoprene, but focus on this suit is slightly more towards flexibility rather than warmth in the details, so it’s a perfect transition steamer if you have something like a 5/4mm already.


If you want unmatched flexibility, the Hyperfreak 4/3 has it, and GBS + TB3X taped seams plus TB3 body panels will keep you snug, and it is the stretchiest, most free feeling option out there... not as warm as a Psycho Series or a Defender, but hands down the most comfortable suit you will ever surf in. A favourite among the team.


Our Mutant 4/3mmcomes with a detachable hood. The detachable hood has a modular closure construction so the hood zips into the suit for better seal and comfort. All seams are sealed with our Fluid Seam Weld, and it features our body heat-trapping TB Firewall liner and MeshSkin chest/back panels that absorb solar heat and block out the wind.Warm, durable, and flexible, this suit is built for harsh environments.


For a solid value option, the Defender 4/3mm is still perfectly warm and flexible with world-leading fits, GBS seams and SuperGrill liner, for anyone on a tighter budget.


For Booties, the Mutant 3mm Split Toe is the warmest option. Check out the Heat Ninja 3mm boot as a lighter feeling boot if you already have a winter boot such as the Mutant, or the Defender 3mm Split Toe boot for extra durable rock-hopping comfort.

Our top pick for separate hoods is thePsycho 3mm Hood,and the 2mm Sport Capis a lighter option. Our recommended glove is thePsychotech 1.5mm Glove.


It just depends on what’s most important to you - warmth / flexibility / price.



Check out the winter or summer recommendations for further suggestions if you are leaning towards colder or warmer conditions.


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Fuze (Chest Zip) Front Upper Zip Entry (chest) uses a free floating zipper panel and anti flush barrier with drain holes to keep you dry and feeling loose.
Chest Zip / FUZE Zip
Chest Zip / FUZE Zip
Front Upper Zip Entry (chest zip) uses a free floating zipper panel and anti flush barrier with drain holes to keep you dry and feeling loose.
Back Zip
Back Zip
Backzip entry system with durable zipper provides easy entry and exit with a water resistant seal.
Zen Zip
Zen Zip
Z.E.N. ZIP (back zip) entry system with free floating zipper panel and anti-flush barrier-2 with drain hole, keeps you warm and unrestricted. U.S. Patent #5,898,934
Lightweight Closure System Over a 360° Barrier with drain holes and Cinch Cord. Water tight seal with ease of entry and exit.
Modular Closure
Modular Closure
Modular Closure system comes with detachable hood so you can interchange the crew neck for a hood when conditions require.
Front Zip
Front Zip
Front Zip entry system provides the easiest entry with an old school feel. Also keeps zippers away from long hair.
"A good 4/3mm will see you through all of autumn or spring down in these parts. And don'f forget your booties, hood and proably some gloves "