region - QLD
season - Summer
gender - Mens

Let’s focus in on Summer staples - Jackets and Lycra. (Check out our Autumn/Spring section for more neoprene coverage)


Jackets / Vests:


We seriously recommend you try a mates Hyperfreak 1.5mm TB3X Long Sleeve Jacket or just do yourself a favour and stump up the extra cash for one, they are genuinely, absolutely next level for comfort. It’s like you’re not even wearing a top, but you skip the sunburn and rashes. Should be at the top of the Xmas list from the missus or ya mum.

An inside tip - the Hyperfreak NeoSkins is a total game-changer if you’re looking for sun and rash protection, and a bit of padding under your chest, rather than warmth.

If you’re on a budget, the Defender Long Arm Wetsuit Jacket is a very comfortable all-rounder option, plus it's reversible with some great colour combos.

For classic style and the heat that only sun on Smoothskin neoprene can provide, the vests in our O’Riginals series are the real deal, and we’ve been doing them longer than anyone.




Skin protection is nothing to take lightly. But lathering up suncream all over the upper body can be a huge hassle especially if you’re frothing to get out there. QLD summer sun can pack a wallop, luckily we’ve got plenty of options to suit anybody.

Our Skins range, in particular the Skins Long Arm Crew, is the best option for overall summer sun protection and to guard against rashes, if you like a form-fitting rashie. If you’re more a tee in the surf kinda guy, we’ve got some different options for you, our favourite at the moment is the new O’Riginals Surf Tee (arriving August 2020). Lightweight, good fit, in a marle fabric made for surfing.

No matter what you’re wearing up top, our board shorts and slackers have got you covered for performance and style down below.


Check out the AUTUMN/SPRING recommendations for further suggestions if you feel the cold more or you are leaning towards cooler conditions. Prefer a  BACK ZIP? Most Psycho and Defender wetsuits come in both chest zip and back zip options, though to keep this brief, we only feature the chest zip versions on this page.


ORiginal Glideskin Wetsuit Jacket 2/1mm - Black ORiginal Glideskin Wetsuit Jacket 2/1mm - Black
ORiginal Glideskin Wetsuit Jacket 2/1mm - Black O'Neill 3013014-A05-S 1 review


Fuze (Chest Zip) Front Upper Zip Entry (chest) uses a free floating zipper panel and anti flush barrier with drain holes to keep you dry and feeling loose.
Chest Zip / FUZE Zip
Chest Zip / FUZE Zip
Front Upper Zip Entry (chest zip) uses a free floating zipper panel and anti flush barrier with drain holes to keep you dry and feeling loose.
Back Zip
Back Zip
Backzip entry system with durable zipper provides easy entry and exit with a water resistant seal.
Zen Zip
Zen Zip
Z.E.N. ZIP (back zip) entry system with free floating zipper panel and anti-flush barrier-2 with drain hole, keeps you warm and unrestricted. U.S. Patent #5,898,934
Lightweight Closure System Over a 360° Barrier with drain holes and Cinch Cord. Water tight seal with ease of entry and exit.
Modular Closure
Modular Closure
Modular Closure system comes with detachable hood so you can interchange the crew neck for a hood when conditions require.
Front Zip
Front Zip
Front Zip entry system provides the easiest entry with an old school feel. Also keeps zippers away from long hair.
"I'm a massive fan of the Hyperfreak TB3X wetsuit jacket. Before this vest came along i hated wearing vestts... The fit of this moulds to your body almost like a second skin, super comfotable and keeps you protected from the summer sun!"

Soli Bailey, O'Neill global athlete