Anne Dos Santos

Small in stature, big in heart.
Born in Brazil, but raised and learnt to surf on the northern beaches of Sydney, Anne is a dedicated high-performance surfing athlete. She also loves to play guitar, sing, skate and spend time with family and friends. Based now in North Narrabeen, she finds herself in a hotbed of talent and a hungry competitive surf environment.

Inspired early on by her Aunty Ananda, Anne took to the ocean and a healthy lifestyle with great passion. A balance of training, yoga and surf coaching, now sees Anne steadily climbing the surfing ranks. With semi-final appearances in WSL qualifying events in 2019, the writing is on the wall, for Anne to burst out with more results and a climb up the rankings.

Her main goal is to be a well-rounded surfer. To have the ability to not only surf well in small waves but to excel in big waves and large barrels. Anne may be small in stature, but she is definitely large in heart. A passion to succeed and to prove herself( to herself) is strong. She also values those around her.
As Anne says” I am really blessed to have so much support from my community, friends and family, who have helped me throughout my journey”. To be given the opportunity to travel and meet so many amazing people through surfing is incredible and I am so grateful.”