Honolua Blomfield

Honolua’s Hawaiian roots run deep, so it’s no surprise that she started surfing when she was only two years old. From day one, this native of Haleiwa, Hawaii has spent her life outdoors enjoying activities such as hiking, skateboarding, and stand-up paddling. Every single day she searches the famous North Shore for the spot with the best waves, spending hours letting the saltwater soothe her soul, and perfecting the graceful technique she’s known for. In those rare moments when she’s not in the ocean, she can often be found in one of her stylish retro outfits, listening to music and preparing her latest Instagram post.

Honolua is the master of two very difficult and unique disciplines of surfing – longboard and shortboard. From age five to twelve she picked one to practice each year, switching from longboard to shortboard annually. She competes in both, but has truly excelled on her longboard, recently becoming the 2017 World Longboard Champion. Her style is progressive, without losing the classic style and grace of the world’s best nose riders of past and present.