Soli Bailey


Soli Bailey hails from the hippie–friendly, laid-back town of Byron Bay. Soli won the ASP Australasia Pro Junior Series back in 2014 and has quietly gone about climbing the world surfing ranks up into the WSL world tour . Having surfed since the age of two, he realized pretty quickly he had little dreams for anything else, but to surf. So far, he has managed to live his dream, traveling the world establishing an impressive competitive career. From qualification to winning the prestige pipe masters and culminating with the opportunity to wear the Aboriginal flag on his jersey as a proud Indigenous Australian.

Where I'm from it's just what you grow up with. My dad surfs and he got me into it pretty early. I loved it and just wanted to surf any chance I could get. It just grew from there.

"My love for surfing took me down this path, its all I wanted to do."
-Soli Bailey

Soli Bailey from Morgan Maassen on Vimeo.